1. Payment is due strictly on completion of the work carried out, unless prior arrangement has been agreed.
    Payment to be made by cash or card. Card payments are preferred. Sorry we do not accept cheques.
  2. Prior to work being carried out, a FULL visual inspection may be carried out internally and externally, with notes of any damage, stains etc being recorded and photographed as necessary to ensure the protection of the Owner and Engineer.
  3. Servicing will be carried out to the highest standard to ensure the safety of the Owner.
  4. ALL Workmanship is warranted for six months providing no unauthorised changes or modifications are made which affect the already completed work.
    Where, during a service, a fault is found which is beyond the normal Service Schedule, the Owners permission to repair or replace will be obtained before such work is carried out. An excess charge for the time and parts will be made.
  5. For pre-booked set charge services, the call out charge will be waived.
    In case of the engineer being unable to gain access to the caravan/motorhome and security devices due to the unavailability of Keys, the Booked Service Charge PLUS Call Out Fee will be applied.
  6. It is the OWNERS responsibility to ensure that access is available at the time and date agreed for Servicing, and that there is sufficient clearance to access the wheels and external equipment and that the interior of the vehicle is clear of obstructions to the internal equipment which needs access to service. Lockers empty and floor area clear. The vehicle must be on a firm level surface.
  7. The toilet cassette MUST be EMPTY and CLEAN or the toilet will NOT be serviced.
  8. Call out charge: £50 inc the first hour's labour, thereafter £37 per hour
  9. Parts. All parts used will be OEM specification whenever possible and are chargeable in addition to labour.
  10. Special order parts are NOT refundable and will include Carriage costs as appropriate.
  11. The customer will be asked to the sign paperwork after completion and in doing so you have fully checked all items in caravan/motorhome are fully switched off - the engineer will not have liability after that point.
  12. All wheels will be torqued to the correct setting and customer will be asked to sign that this was done before engineer leaves.

Please note that due to the differing regulations and insurance requirements we do not service and/or repair 'static' caravans or vehicles used for permanent residence or commercial hire