One of the first things to do is to decide where the windows are to go...I can fit both bonded and cassette type windows to your van in a location of your choice.

Spring is a good time to start planning your #campervan or #motorhome project. It’s important to do things in the correct order and if you’re thinking of a @GAS_IT system it’s easier to get one fitted at the beginning of the conversion. Having said that they can be fitted anytime.

A Gen2 @GAS_IT bottle saves the day allowing 2 11Kg bottles to be fitted in a #motorhome thanks to its removable cowl where otherwise an 11Kg and a 6Kg would have been required in this #motorhome

We now install solar panels. Prices start from £460 for a panel installed (100w with PWM controller and USB).

Following a visit to the manufacturer we are now able to install and supply M1 tested seating for campervans and vans